Friday, 30 March 2012

Books for Teenagers on Holiday in France

How to keep teenagers amused on holiday ? Why not start stocking up now on some great summer reads. It can be difficult to find any books that teenage boys will love and its difficult to find something a bit different for girls to read. Well here are some books to hook them. Code Name Verity - a book for anyone really but if its being read by teenage girls then they can finally have a heroine to look up to. Here is a link to the traditional book and the e-book :


And here are some favourites which boys will enjoy and I suspect girls will too :
The Gone Series by Michael Grant :


Hunger Games - the book of the film that is out at the moment :


The Name of this Book is Secret - first book of a series by "Pseudonymous Bosch" - a humorous series for younger teenagers.


A book about a 14 year old lawyer Theodore Boone from the Classic storyteller John Grisham.


And a big favourite certainly with teenage boys is the Cherub series. What a hit this series has become and the author has an interesting story to tell. He decided to write a book for his nephew as there seemed to be no decent books around for boys to enjoy. Well he's certainly managed it with this series. Every teenage boy I know who has read this series has become addicted to it, although I must warn you that you might want to check the content of some of the later ones.

So now you dont need to worry. Never again on a camping holiday will you hear the refrain : "I'm bored, there's nothing to do !"

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