Sunday, 30 October 2011

Euros - Here to Stay ?

Well after this weeks deliberations between various European Leaders, it looks like we will be continuing to use Euros while on holiday in Europe. If you havent used Euros before then they may take a little time to get used to !

There are Euro bank notes which come in
  • 500E (500 Euros)     
  • 200E
  • 100E
  • 50E
  • 20E
  • 10E and
  • 5E denominations.
There are also coins, which can be
  • 2E  or
  • 1E 
And you can also get Cents which are worth less that a Euro. 100Cents equal 1Euro. There are 50Cent, 20Cent, 10Cent, 5Cent, 2Cent and 1Cent coins.
So for example something might cost 1E 50 which means 1 Euro 50 Cents.

Below are photographs of the various types of money to get used to. The actual designs on each Euro are designed to reflect the different countries of Europe so you may find that your Euro is not actually a French one, but they can be used in any European countries which have the Euro as a currency.

The most likely paper money you will come across will be the 50E, 20E, 10E and 5E notes :

2E and 1E will be found as coins : 

And finally the small fry ! A Euro is made up of 100 Cents so you might find the following in your change :

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