Monday, 31 January 2011

Le Mans 24 Hours Race

For the Le Mans 24 Hours Race in June, here is an interesting link to a provider of tickets and camping at the race.
The official site is at

Or if you are happy to camp elsewhere and travel to the track then you could stay at our recommended campsite at Chambord in the Loire where you can stay with either Keycamp at Les Chateau des Marais or Eurocamp at Les Chateau des Marais

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Monte Carlo Rallye 2011

On the chilly evening of 27th January 2011 around 70 cars with two drivers each set off on the Monte Carlo Rallye 2011 from Blytheswood Square in Glasgow on their 2,000 mile journey to Monte Carlo via the Alps ! The drivers had come from all over the world but included a number of UK teams and French teams.

The Rallye had returned to Glasgow as a starting stage after a break of about 30 years. There were other possible start stages such as Warsaw and Barcelona but Glasgow proved to be very popular with a good number of teams choosing to start from there.

Unfortunately I have not yet mastered using my camera in the dark so these were the best of my photographs. Some of the cars are setting out on the actual rally while some were joining in the heritage run to show some of the historic racing cars from the past.

The latest news is that Glasgow will again feature as a start town for the Monte Carlo Rallye in 2013 !

If this all puts you in the mood for a camping holiday in the Alps, Pyrenees or Provence then have a look at some great campsites at :

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Caravan Club History

This British Pathe News video from 1954 is amusing. It shows preparations by Caravan Club members for their first holidays abroad. Although do you think we do any better nowadays in our preparations for travel abroad ?!?


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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Michelin Apps for iphone

Here are some great new travel apps for iphone from Michelin Guides.
Find out more about the Michelin Guide at
Once you have downloaded the app, you can find a restaurant and once you have eaten you can even add your review via your iphone before you've even left the restaurant !! Mind you I have to say if its been a good meal you probably wont think of doing this ! Are you more likely to do this if its a bad meal with poor service I wonder ?!?

There also seem to be downloadable traffic guides as well.

We have an ipod touch rather than an iphone but it should be downloadable for that too.

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Famille Plus - Family Friendly French Holidays

Some villages and towns in France which have been certified as Family Friendly are awarded the description "Famille Plus". This indicates that there are family friendly facilities or entertainments offered. For example ski resorts are assessed to see if they offer family friendly runs etc. There is loads of information at

The villages and towns are classified as either "By the Sea" (Mer) "Countryside" (Nature), "in the Mountains" (Montagne) or "Town" (Ville). There is also a map of France with the various villages marked so you can find out the locations of the family friendly towns visit in the area you would like to visit.

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Travelling to Europe by Train

If you are planning to travel from the UK to Europe by train then here is a great website containing lots of information.

The website is named after this guy's favourite seat on the Eurostar ! This should help you to plan your journey although I dont think you can actually book train tickets through it.

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Travelling with Preschool Children and Under 5s

If you would like to try camping abroad for the first time with young children of pre-school age then you will be lucky to be able to take advantage of quieter campsites as well as "more competitive" (ie cheaper !) prices in the May and June period. Eurocamp offers lots to appeal to the Under 5s.

Different campsites offer slightly different facilities but you can check it all out on the Eurocamp website.

There are a variety of different Kids Clubs available at the different campsites and these clubs are tailored to your children's age range and run by Children's Club Couriers.

If you have an active toddler then they will enjoy Tumble Tots for under 5's which is available at the following parcs from late May until early July :

In Brittany

Benodet - Pointe St Gilles  (Eurocamp link for this campsite)  (Keycamp link)
Beg-Meil - L'Atlantique  (Eurocamp link)  (Keycamp link)
Nevez - Les Deux Fontaines  (Eurocamp link)  (Keycamp link)
Carnac - La Grande Metairie  (Eurocamp link)  (Keycamp link)

In the Vendee

St Jean-de-Monts - Le Clarys-Plage  (Eurocamp link)  (Keycamp link)
St Julien-des-Landes - La Garangeoire  (Eurocamp link)  (Keycamp link)
St Jean-de-Monts - La Yole  (Eurocamp link)  (Keycamp link)

Keycamp and Eurocamp offer kids clubs at most sites. The particular clubs which are offered differ at each site so please check the Eurocamp and Keycamp websites for details. Under 5s will enjoy either the Mini Fun Station for under 5's or a Leo's Fun Station for 4-6 years.  (Some of these Kids Club sessions for Under 5s may be free during the Low Season - check when booking !)

At the Mini Fun Station the children will be offered a variety of sports, games and craft activities as well as themed sessions, for example a Pirate party ! There will also be things such as sand and water play and activity mats to keep toddlers busy !

Keycamp have also now teamed up with the STA (Swimming Teachers' Association) providing toddler swimming lessons on selected parcs so a great opportunity for youngsters to learn to swim !

Keycamp have also identified 21 Mini World parcs and Eurocamp have identified over 55 sites which are "Toddler Friendly Parcs" which are particularly suited to young families with toddlers, with lots of free activities, safe play areas and useful features such as
  • Toddler safe pitches - on quieter roads and with flatter ground and far away from lakes and rivers (although these can still be present).
  • All-terrain buggies and toddler trucks hire
  • Children's pools for toddlers only
  • Decking gates which can be fitted onto all decked accommodation on Mini World parcs.
  • Bed rails - available on all parcs to ensure no bumps in the night !
You may also be able to hire the following items onsite :
  • a Travel cot, which doubles as a play pen
  • High chair
  • Baby bath
  • Potty
All these facilities can be checked on the Eurocamp website which has details of each of the parcs. We have put links to some of our favourite Eurocamp and Keycamp sites, many of which are Mini World Parcs, by clicking on the links "Our Favourite Eurocamp Sites" and "Our Favourite Keycamp Sites" to the right of this blog.

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