Thursday, 27 January 2011

Monte Carlo Rallye 2011

On the chilly evening of 27th January 2011 around 70 cars with two drivers each set off on the Monte Carlo Rallye 2011 from Blytheswood Square in Glasgow on their 2,000 mile journey to Monte Carlo via the Alps ! The drivers had come from all over the world but included a number of UK teams and French teams.

The Rallye had returned to Glasgow as a starting stage after a break of about 30 years. There were other possible start stages such as Warsaw and Barcelona but Glasgow proved to be very popular with a good number of teams choosing to start from there.

Unfortunately I have not yet mastered using my camera in the dark so these were the best of my photographs. Some of the cars are setting out on the actual rally while some were joining in the heritage run to show some of the historic racing cars from the past.

The latest news is that Glasgow will again feature as a start town for the Monte Carlo Rallye in 2013 !

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